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Channa Chaat
A tangy combination of chick peas, potatoes, and onions tossed in a tamarind sauce sprinkled with black Indian salt, served cold.  4.95
Samosa (Vegetable/Meat)
Crisp pastry filled with mildly spiced vegetables / minced lamb.  5.95
Vegetable Pakoras
Savory vegetable fritters.  6.95
Jheenga Pakoras
Shrimps lightly marinated in sour cream touched with herbs and batter fried.  8.95
Murgh Pakoras
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in gram flour, yogurt and spices and batter fried.  7.95
Onion Bhajia
Thinly sliced onions marinated in gram flour, yogurt and spices and batter fried.  6.95
Assorted Snacks
Vegetable  A delicious combination of appetizers.  For two.  9.95

Non-Vegetable  Combination of chicken and lamb kebabs and shrimp in a special sauce.  For two.  12.95

Dal Shorba
A South Indian creation made with lentils, tomatoes and a dash of specially blended spices and herbs, served hot.  5.95
Chicken Shorba
A traditional Indian soup made with chicken and flavored with lemon and coconut.  5.95
Palak Shorba
A refreshingly delicious soup made from spinach with a touch of cardamom, cloves, and peppercorns.  5.95
Mulligatawny Soup
Traditional South Indian soup seasoned with tamarind, peppercorns, ginger, garlic and other exotic spices. Served with Chana Dal or Chicken.  5.95

Crisp lentil bread  1.50
A tangy mixture of potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes in fresh homemade yogurt.  4.95
Onion Relish
Raw onions flavored with chat masala, salt and lemon.  2.95
Mango Chutney
All entrees are served with Basmati rice.
Tandoori Chooza
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt, fresh spices and lemon juice, barbecued over flaming charcoal in our tandoor.  16.95
Murgh Tikka
Tender boneless pieces of chicken subtly flavored with spices and barbecued on a skewer in our tandoor.  18.95
Boti Kebab
Tender morsels of lamb marinated in our special recipe and broiled in our tandoor.  22.95
Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb mixed with spices and barbecued over charcoal in our tandoor.  20.95
Fish Tikka
Fresh salmon pieces flavored with herb and spices, broiled over charcoal in a clay oven.  22.95
Tandoori Prawns
Fresh prawns, lightly seasoned and slowly broiled over charcoal in our tandoor.  23.95
Chef's Special
Chef's favorite preparation. Boneless white pieces of chicken marinated in chef's special sauce, with yogurt, garlic and broiled over charcoal in our clay oven.  20.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Assorted delicacies from our charcoal fired tandoor.  24.95
All entrees are served with Basmati rice.
Chicken Shahi Korma
A classic Mughal entree.  Succulent chicken pieces delicately flavored with coconut and gently simmered in yogurt with a selection of spices and nuts.  17.95
Chicken Makhani
Marinated chicken pieces barbecued in the tandoor and then cooked with onions, tomatoes, butter and cream.  17.95
Chicken Jalfrazie
Tender boneless chicken cooked with green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and a touch of lemon and spices.  17.95
Chicken Tikka Masala
Tender boneless chicken pieces broiled in the tandoor, then cooked in garlic, tomato, onion and spices.  17.95
Chicken Vindaloo
A specialty of Goa.  Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in a thick and hot curry sauce.  17.95
Chicken Madras
A South India specialty.  Chicken pieces cooked in a special hot sauce with a touch of lemon and cinnamon.  17.95
Chicken Saag
Boneless chicken pieces cooked with fresh spinach and Indian spices.  17.95
All entrees are served with Basmati rice.
Lamb Tikka Masala
Marinated lamb pieces broiled in our Tandoor, then cooked in a thick tomato, onion and green pepper sauce.  18.95
Karahi Gosht
Chef's preparation:  Lamb marinated in yogurt and cooked with a special combination of exotic spices.  18.95
Saag Gosht
Lamb cooked with fresh spinach, green coriander and other fragrant herbs.  18.95
Gosht Vindaloo
A specialty of Goa, lamb pieces and potatoes cooked in a thick and hot curry sauce.  18.95
Khara Pasanda
A North India delicacy, juicy slices of lamb marinated overnight then simmered in light sauce with yogurt, onions and mild spices.  18.95
Rogan Josh
Tender morsels of lamb cooked in an onion sauce, with yogurt, almonds, cream and a unique blend of spices.  18.95
All entrees are served with Basmati rice.
Machi Masala
House specialty.  Fresh salmon marinated in chef's special sauce and an array of masterfully blended spices.  20.95
Jheenga Masala
Shrimp smothered with Indian condiments, onions and green peppers.  20.95
Shrimp Vindaloo
Shrimp and potatoes cooked in a hot curry sauce.  20.95
Shrimp Saag
Shrimp cooked with fresh spinach and Indian spices. 20.95
Lobster Malai Khasa
Lobster gently cooked in a cream flavored sauce with coconut.  24.95
Vegetable Biryani
A royal treat.  Basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables and saffron, sprinkled with raisins and nuts.  13.95
Chicken Biryani
Long grain Basmati rice cooked with chicken and seasoning.  17.95
Shrimp Biryani
An East India rice dish.  Basmati rice cooked with shrimps, herbs, and Indian spices.  20.95
 Lamb Biryani
An ornate rice dish cooked with lamb and yogurt, garnished with raisins and nuts.  18.95
All entrees are served with Basmati rice.
Daal Tarka
Black lentils delicately seasoned with exotic spices.  13.95
Channa Masala
Chick peas, onions and tomatoes cooked in a light sauce.  13.95
Malai Kofta
Mixed vegetable balls cooked in an onion and tomato sauce.  14.95
Saag Paneer
Fresh mild cheese gently cooked with fresh spinach, green coriander and mild spices.  13.95
Paneer Jalfrazie
Fresh vegetables cooked with home made cheese and spices.  13.95
Vegetable Jalfrazie
A delicious combination of fresh vegetables and spices.  13.95
Bayngan Bhurta
Whole eggplants partially cooked on skewers in the tandoor, then chopped and mixed with tomatoes, onions, tasty spices and gently simmered.  13.95
Aloo Gobhi Masala
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in onions, tomatoes and spices.  13.95
Navartan Korma
A royal entree.  Garden fresh vegetables gently cooked in spice-laced cream, sprinkled with nuts.  14.95
Paneer Makhani
Chunks of home made cheese cooked in a butter and cream sauce with Indian spices.  14.95
Assortment of vegetarian specialties.  For one: 22.95; For two: 39.95

Teardrop shaped white bread baked in the tandoor.  Served piping hot with or without butter.  1.95
Garlic Naan
White bread stuffed with garlic and mild spices.  2.95
Pesharwari Naan
White bread stuffed with almonds, raisins, coconut and mild spices.  2.95
Keema Naan
White bread stuffed with minced lamb and baked in tandoor.  2.95
Deep fried puffed-up whole wheat bread.  2.95
Onion Kulcha
Bread stuffed with onions backed in tandoor.  2.95
Paneer Kulcha
Unleavened white bread filled with fresh homemade cheese, baked in the tandoor.  2.95
Plain Paratha
Multi-layered whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.  2.95
Vegetarian Paratha
Unleavened whole wheat bread filled with a medley of hearty vegetables, baked in the tandoor.  2.95
Tandoori Roti
Round whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.  Served piping hot.  1.95

Cardamom flavored rice pudding garnished with nuts.  5.95
Gajjar Halwa:
Delicious carrot pudding made from shredded carrots, roasted in butter and cooked with milk, topped with pistachio and cashew nuts.  5.95
Gulab Jaman
A light pastry made from dry milk and honey.  Served in a thick sugary syrup.  5.95
Paneer cheese patties in a delicate creamy milk sauce.  5.95
Kulfi Ice Cream
Specialty from India.  Made from thickened milk cooked for several hours, then quickly frozen with the nutty taste of almonds and pistachios.  A hint of rose water gives it that magical touch of the East.  5.95

Sweet or Salty Lassi
A yogurt drink with a touch of kewra water.  3.95
Mango Lassi
Yogurt drink with addition of fresh mango. 3.95
Indian Tea
Tea boiled with cardamom, cinnamon, Indian herbs and spices.  2.95
Chai Tea
Indian tea cooked with spices and milk.  3.95
Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee
Monsoon Malawar from coastal India in French press.  3.95
Miller Lite, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, Coors Light, Amstel Light, Heineken, Clausthaler (non-alcoholic beer), Guiness Extra Stout.
Indian Beers
Kingfisher, Tikka Gold, Taj Mahal.